Cluster 2

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This is the default lab cluster.

Priorities and Policies

Special machines

Normally, you will just ssh to sgehead aka gimel from where you can do almost anything, including job management. A few things require licensing and must be done on special machines.

hypervisor 'he' hosts:

  • alpha - which is critical and runs foreman, DNS, DHCP, and other important services
  • beta - with runs LDAP authentication
  • epsilon - - cluster gateway from public internet
  • gamma - sun grid engine qmaster
  • phi - mysqld/excipients
  • psi for using the PG fortran compiler
  • ppilot is at http://zeta:9944/ - you must be on the Cluster 2 private network to use it
  • Tau is the web server for ZINC,
  • no other specia
  • zeta - Psicquic/pipeline pilot
  • Sigma can definitely go off and stay off. It was planned for a fingerprinting server, never done.

hypervisor 'aleph2' hosts:

  • alpha7 - This is to be the future architecture VM of the cluster (DNS/DHCP/Puppet/Foreman/Ansible). CentOS7.
  • kappa is licensing. ask me. ("i have no clue what this licenses. Turned off." - ben)
  • rho contains this wiki and also


  • to get from SVN, use svn ssh+svn

Hardware and physical location

  • 1856 cpu-cores for queued jobs
  • 128 cpu-cores for infrastructure, databases, management and ad hoc jobs.
  • 788 TB of high quality NFS-available disk
  • Our policy is to have 4 GB RAM per cpu-core unless otherwise specified.
  • Machines older than 3 years may have 2GB/core and 6 years old have 1GB/core.
  • Cluster 2 is currently stored entirely in Rack 0 which is in Row 0, Position 4 of BH101 at 1700 4th St (Byers Hall).
  • Central services are on he,aleph2,and bet
  • CPU
    • 3 Silicon Mechanics Rackform nServ A4412.v4 s, each comprising 4 computers of 32 cpu-cores for a total of 384 cpu-cores.
    • 1 Dell C6145 with 128 cores.
    • An HP DL165G7 (24-way) is sgehead
    • more computers to come from Cluster 0, when Cluster 2 is fully ready.
  • DISK
    • HP disks - 40 TB RAID6 SAS (new in 2014)
    • Silicon Mechanics NAS - new in 2014 - 77 TB RAID6 SAS (new in 2014)
    • A HP DL160G5 and an MSA60 with 12 TB SAS (disks new in 2014)

= Naming convention

  • The Hebrew alphabet is used for physical machines
  • Greek letters for VMs.
  • Functions (e.g. sgehead) are aliases (CNAMEs).
  • and domains both supported.

Disk organization

  • shin aka nas1 mounted as /nfs/db/ = 72 TB SAS RAID6. NOTE: ON BAND: $ sudo /usr/local/RAID\ Web\ Console\ 2/ to interact with raid controller. username: raid. pw: c2 pass
  • bet aka happy, internal: /nfs/store and psql (temp) as 10 TB SATA RAID10
  • elated on happy: /nfs/work only as 36 TB SAS RAID6
  • dalet exports /nfs/home & /nfs/home2

Special purpose machines - all

  • sgehead aka gimel.cluster - nearly the only machine you'll need.
  • psi.cluster - PG fortran compiler (if it only has a .cluster address means it has no public address)
  • portal aka epsilon - secure access
  • zeta.cluster - Pipeline Pilot
  • shin, bet, and dalet are the three NFS servers. You should not need to log in to them.
on teague desktop, /usr/local/RAID Web Console 2/ 
connect to shin on public network
raid /  C2 on shin
  • mysql1.cluster - general purpose mysql server (like former scratch)
  • pg1.cluster - general purpose postgres server
  • fprint.cluster - fingerprinting server

About our cluster