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There are at least three ways to make backups:

  • a) We give you a 5TB portable drive, you keep it and write to it. Please ask for one!
  • b) Use CrashPlan/rsync and/or DropBox/Sync/ to create backups in the cloud.
  • c) We backup /nfs/home and some other disks, as follows:

Monthly backups

  • Cluster 2: nfs-home:/nfs/home/ (/nfs/home)
  • Cluster 2: nfs-soft:/nfs/soft (/nfs/soft)
  • Cluster 2: wiki
  • Cluster 2: selected sysadmin files (alpha, beta, config files)

Most disks are never backed up

Implicit backups

  • we backup ZINC20 and ZINC-22 to AWS and Wynton.
  • all software is in github/gitlab and is thus backed up continuously


To have files restored from backup, please write to the sysadmins, stating file/directory name, the approximate time of when it was created in the form you want restored and when that copy was deleted or damaged. Better: use your own USB drive.

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