Reimbursement Instructions

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   * NEVER leave anything on Marissa’s desk!. Use the inbox, labeled “Marissa’s Inbox”
   * Attach receipts to one side of a sheet of white paper, (if recycled paper, cover any writing or 
     figures with the receipts) using double-stick adhesive or glue stick (do NOT use regular tape or 
     staples anywhere!).
   * Submit your credit card bill backing up the expenses on the receipts and highlight the relevant 
   * It takes 3-4 weeks for funds to be reimbursed, and will be paid in the method you receive your pay 
     (direct deposit or mailed check).

Booking Travel

   * Marissa can assist with making your flight reservations so they will be charged directly to a grant. 
     Provide your desired flights or desired travel times. If you have any frequent flier numbers, 
     provide that info as well.
   * If done far enough in advance, Marissa can have a check sent in for registration expenses so you 
     won’t have to incur any out of pocket expenses. Keep in mind that it takes 3-4 weeks to send out a 
     payment, so if facing a tight deadline, pay it yourself and get reimbursed
   * Prior to traveling, any expenses already incurred and paid for can be reimbursed. Provide receipts 
     and credit card bill.
   * Funds for meals, transportation can be provided by a ‘Travel Advance.’ Simply break down the 
     anticipated expenses and send me an email requesting an advance. (ex. transportation: $150; meals: 
     $250 etc.) Submit receipts and credit card bills for these expenses upon your return. Any amount in 
     excess received will have to be paid back to the University; any amount you’re owed will be 
   * Only basic, standard accommodations for lodging, travel, rental cars etc. will be reimbursed. Any 
     charge deemed excessive will not be reimbursed. However, you will be reimbursed the amount for what 
     is considered reasonable.

During Travel

   * Never purchase alcohol on your meal receipt. Buy with your own funds on a separate receipt.
   * Always obtain the detailed, itemized receipt in addition to the signed credit card receipt.
   * Never pay for other people from the lab (mainly applies to meals) who may be traveling with you.    
   * Your receipts should have only your expenses, so if sharing anything, get separate receipts.