Personal backup disk

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Each lab member may have a portable USB disk for back ups. (currently 5TB). The lab policies are:

  • 1. You may take this disk with you when you leave the lab. When you leave the lab, we will discuss making a duplicate that stays in the lab.
  • 2. At anytime, we will make a snapshot of your portable disk, which we will retain should your copy be lost or damaged. Allow one week for this.
  • 3. If the disk is full, we will get you a new one, but please allow a few days.
  • 4. For faster data transfer, we can connect your disk directly to the server, and then return it to you. Specify the server where the data reside.
  • 5. Critical files (e.g. manuscripts, source code, ...) should also be backed up elsewhere.
  • 6. We will continue our policy of making making regular tape backups of key directories (/nfs/home/* and /raid?/people/*) and occasional tape backups of other areas.
  • 7. Please use this portable USB disk to reduce the burden of files on the cluster as much as you can. i.e. copy work files you cannot bear to simply delete to the portable disk. Delete the originals. Your only copy of critical files such as manuscripts and source code should NOT be on this USB disk (because disks can fail, and then you'd be out of luck).

-- Feb 2015, by John

Editor's note: Your portable USB disk, at 5 TB, is bigger than all the disk space we had available on the cluster up until around 2006. The good old days. Ha!