PIN Policy

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Here is how we use PIN numbers to protect the privacy of your data.

If you specify a PIN number for your calculation (protonation, docking, subset, similars, decoys, uploads), then your data will not be accessible without that PIN number for 7 days from the last status change (usually when the calculation is finished).

After 6 days, you will receive an email, reminding you that the PIN number protection will be removed in 24 hours. At this point, you may delete the data, or allow it to pass into free public view.

Jobs are removed from our system normally 14 days after the calculation is finished. You may request a calculation to be marked "immortal" to prevent it from being removed after 14 days. However, this is a request, which we honor entirely at our own discretion.

You may download the entire project to your home computer as a tar file. if you wish to preserve it.

Other terms and conditions not detailed here may apply.