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ODOSOS is the acronym for open data, open source, open standards. Don't you hate these sorts of acronyms?

The products of docking.org are open in the limited "free as in beer" sense. That is, ZINC, DUD and HEI may be downloaded freely by anyone for their own use. DOCK Blaster and SEA may be used without charge by any organization. This wiki may be freely edited.

We attempt to use open standards whenever possible, but we will use whatever it takes to get the job done.

Most of our tools are available via a "University of California license", the terms of which are, briefly:

  • Academics may have the source code for free.
  • For profit organizations normally pay a fee.
  • Any useful modifications must be returned to UCSF.
  • The software/database may be used at the licensed site only, and may not be redistributed.

These are terms required by the Regents of the University of California. If you do not like them (the terms), please discuss with them (the Regents), not with us.