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Datawarrior is installed on bet and can be accessed through /mnt/nfs/soft/datawarrior_linux

Running Datawarrior


Administrative information

Datawarrior requires the applications located at bet:/opt/datawarrior. Since datawarrior is being run over NFS, I have copied /opt/datawarrior to /srv/share/soft/datawarrior_linux/datawarrior_apps.

The datawarrior executable is located at /srv/share/soft/datawarrior_linux/datawarrior_run. This was copied from /srv/share/soft/datawarrior_linux/datawarrior/datawarrior and its DWJAR was modified.

DWJAR of datawarrior_run points to /mnt/nfs/soft/data_warrior_linux/datawarrior_apps.