DOCK 3.7 Development

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This page is for DOCK 3.7 developers. Back to DOCK 3.7.

DOCK 3.7 is kept in github. See Github for how to get started.


  • analysis : Tools to analyze docking results
  • bin: not included in DOCK 3.7 distribution, but created during installation. the only directory that needs to be added to the path
  • common : Common libraries or tools for dockenv
  • docking : DOCK and tools for submission of DOCK jobs
  • install : set up centos packages and RDKit
  • ligand : Ligand and database building tools
  • proteins : Protein preparation tools and scripts
  • private : not included in DOCK 3.7 distribution, this is where you can put your own copy of AMSOL and other third party programs, licensed separately.
  • test : Tools and data for testing
  • dockenv : legacy scripts to be cleaned up and repositioned. This directory will not exist in the final version.

Current release

Current public release is March 25, 2014. DOCK 3.7 Beta 1.0.