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This wiki would be much improved by your contributions. We hope you will consider creating an account so that you can log in and create or edit pages.

Contributions in the following areas are particular desired:

  • Tutorials - step by step instructions of how to use software , databases, or websites.
  • Reviews - and commentary on software, databases, papers, meetings, websites or other topics of interest.
  • Documentation - chapter and verse about how software, including web pages, works and may be used.
  • Explanations - of topics in our field.
  • Idioms - short tricks of how to get things done
  • Improvements to the organization and layout that make the wiki easier to navigate and understand.
  • Each page should ideally be categorized by at least one article type.
  • If a page is not appropriate for general readership, it should have one or more target consituencies assigned.
  • Each article should ideally also have at least one topic.
  • Using Category tags helps create structure and order and makes the wiki easier to navigate and understand.

Thank you for your participation!