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Adapted from Svetla Baykoucheva writing to

Some time ago I send a question to the list about finding specific information about

clinical trials. I have summarized the responses that I got to the following question:

"Do we have a database with information on drugs in various clinical trial phases...I am specifically looking for peptide drugs in clinical trials phase 1 and 2...I wanted to find out how many and which peptide molecules/drugs are in the clinical trials and the companies involved...I need to make a list of peptide molecules/drugs in each clinical trial phase...The goal is to find the peptide drugs/ molecules in different clinical trial phases or approved."

Here are the responses that I have received:

1. ...try from the NIH? You can search by the treatment type and trial phase from their advanced search page:

2. There are 4 key databases covering drugs in various stages of the development cycle. Each of the 4 has a slightly different focus so depending on how in depth the student wants to be (and on how many databases you have access to) the student will need to compile results from all 4.

Drugs in Development / Pipeline database

ADIS R&D Insight:

IMS R&D Focus:

Investigational Drugs Database (IDdb):


...they are all proprietary databases. The information is curated from medical meetings, press releases, pharmaceutical company annual reports, and other sources. 3. Ovid has a very expensive group of products called Pharmaceutical Intelligence Resources ( that would do this. 4. STN has a number of specialized databases that track status of drugs in development. Check the database summary sheets in the pharmacology file group for details. But they are not cheap.

5. My approach isn't nearly as good as the previous answers, but you can do a limited amount of searching for clinical trials using MEDLINE/PubMed, which might be good if you don't have access to some of the other resources mentioned. I did a keyword search for "peptide drug$" (granted, not a terrific search, but I'm sure that your student will be able to troll the MeSH and think up variant terms better than I was). When I had my hits, I entered the "Limits" screen and limited my results by document type to "Clinical Trials." I got five hits that looked relevant. If you want, you can limit it to particular phases, and you can select more than one phase at a time.

This will give you clinical trial documents that have been published in the literature. However, it won't tell you in which phase the drugs currently are (so, you'll have to mind the publication dates). I also don't think it will be terribly comprehensive. But, it is better than nothing.

6. Drug Data Report (DDR... electronic version available from MDL --> MDDR)contains that information. Also Integrity from Prous Science is a database that is a superset of DDR and contains a lot more information.

7. might want to try which is Thomson's listing service for clinical trials. Part of it is subscription-based, but there is substantial information that is freely available. I tried searching the word peptide and retrieved over 200 hits. Some of the hits are unrelated to your needs (for example, peptide sequencing labs), but others seemed relevant from my cursory look (melanoma peptide vaccine, vaccination for colon cancer, a peptide for cardiovascular disease, diabetes, insomnia, etc).

8. Adis, the makers of R&D Insight drug pipeline database also have a product called Clinical Trials Insight. I believe it is available through Ovid.

9. There are two commercial (for fee) products that specifically cover clinical trial info: CTI (Clinical Trials Insight) published by ADIS (; and TrialTrove published by CiteLine (

10. You can create this list in DiscoveryGate. If you select the MDL Drug Data Report database and perform a query where Chemical Name contains peptide, you will get almost 200 hits (NOTE: the first few will not have structures associated with them). Each of which will have patent information and phase data associated with it, though many are still in the biological validation phase. If you want to find those peptides that are at least in Phase I, you can add that to the query and you will get 26 hits.

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