Bootstrap AUC

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3/25/2020 Ying Yang

New violinplot and more statistical tests (Paired T-test, Unpaired T-test, Z-test)

First, set environment variable

source /nfs/home/yingyang/.cshrc_opencadd

Get help information:

python /nfs/home/yingyang/scripts/ -h
usage: [-h] [-l LIG_FILE] [-d DEC_FILE] [-s1 REF]
                                   [-s2 NEW [NEW ...]] [-sys SYS_NAME]
                                   [-n {10..5000}] [-m {AUC,logAUC,both}]
                                   [-t {ttest_ind,ttest_rel,ztest}]
optional arguments:
 -h, --help            show this help message and exit
                       File contain ligand names. (default:
                       File contain decoys names. (default:
 -s1 REF               Folder with method 1 (ref) score file:
                       extract_all.sort.uniq.txt (default: None)
 -s2 NEW [NEW ...]     Folder(s) with new method(s) score.
                       extract_all.sort.uniq.txt (default: None)
 -sys SYS_NAME         Name of system to add on plot (default: None)
 -n {10..5000}, -num {10..5000}
                       Number of bootstrap replicate. (default: 50)
 -m {AUC,logAUC,both}, -metrics {AUC,logAUC,both}
                       choose to use AUC or logAUC as the metrics. (default:
 -t {ttest_ind,ttest_rel,ztest}, -test {ttest_ind,ttest_rel,ztest}
                       choose stats test to report p value. Default=
                       (default: ztest)

Usage example: Compare the AUC and logAUC for three new methods comparing to standard dock. Bootstrap 100 times, and run a Z-test to get p-value.

python ~/scripts/ -s1 D4_dock/ -s2 amber/ rescore/ freeform/ -n 100 \
-l -d
-m both -t ztest
Bootstrap out logAUC.png
Bootstrap out AUC.png

Above example shows between standard and amber a delta logAUC of 0.97 is observed with a p value < 0.05, which indicating such difference is significant. In contrary, delta logAUC between standard and freeform of -0.08 is not siginificant.

A csv file with all the test results is also generated.


To test whether the difference in AUC/logAUC between two methods is statistically significant or not, AUC/logAUC of the new developed method(s) against the reference method can be compared with bootstrap.

Files needed:

  • --> file with ligand names to perform enrichment
  • --> file with decoy names to perform enrichment
  • score file(s) --> extract_all.sort.uniq.txt

First, the anaconda python environment needs to be set:

source /nfs/home/yingyang/.cshrc_anaconda

Plot the variation of AUC/logAUC

python /nfs/home/yingyang/work/scripts/ \
-l ./ -d ./ \
-s1 extract_all.sort.uniq.txt \
-p single

The figure will looks like this:

Variation AUC logAUC.png

Plot the change(s) in AUC/logAUC against reference score

python /nfs/home/yingyang/work/scripts/ \
-l ../ -d ../ \
-s1 score.standard -s2 score.amber score.freeform \
-p compare
Fig compare methods.png

Delta AUC and delta logAUC will be computed and displayed. The p-value from paired t-test indicate if change is statistically significant or not.