AWS:Track costs

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One time

  • 1. management console -> billing
  • 2. cost allocation tags
  • 3. AWS-generated cost allocation tags  tab
  • 4. turn them all on. but in retrospect, you might only need to activate aws:autoscaling:groupName

now run your jobs wait until your billing cycle resets. It seems to be around 11 am PT. I am not at all sure why that is

Every time

  • 1. management console -> billing
  • 2. cost management -> cost explorer (left side)
  • 3. daily spend view.
  • 4. click to select relevant days in the calendar.
  • 5. (top right of chart) more -> Tag -> autoscaling:group name

now you can see how much you spend on each job on a particular day (which I think ends at 5pm PT which is 0h GMT currently.