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Modifying an EBS Volume from the Console:

The following procedure shows how to apply available volume modifications from the Amazon EC2 console.

   1. Open the Amazon EC2 console at
   2. Choose Volumes, select the volume to modify and then choose Actions, Modify Volume.
   3. The Modify Volume window displays the volume ID and the volume's current configuration, including type, size, and IOPS. You can change any or all of these settings in a single action. Set new configuration values as follows:
       -> To modify the type, choose a value for Volume Type.
       -> To modify the size, enter an allowed integer value for Size.
       -> If you chose Provisioned IOPS (IO1) as your volume type, enter an allowed integer value for IOPS.
   4. After you have specified all of the modifications to apply, choose Modify, Yes. 

Modifying volume size has no practical effect until you also extend the volume's file system to make use of the new storage capacity.

To extend a Linux file system:

1. Log in to your Linux instance using an SSH client.

2. Use the df -h command to see the existing file system disk space usage.

  df -h 

3. Use a file system-specific command to resize each file system to the new volume capacity.

  sudo resize2fs /dev/xvda1