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16:17, 11 February 2020 Unpair.png (file) 91 KB Shuogu   1
16:17, 11 February 2020 Pair.png (file) 109 KB Shuogu   1
13:14, 12 October 2019 Download.png (file) 114 KB Jklyu   1
13:13, 12 October 2019 Plus2.png (file) 434 KB Jklyu   1
13:12, 12 October 2019 Plus1.png (file) 432 KB Jklyu   1
13:11, 12 October 2019 0.png (file) 456 KB Jklyu   1
13:10, 12 October 2019 Minus1.png (file) 467 KB Jklyu   1
13:03, 12 October 2019 Minus2.png (file) 398 KB Jklyu extrema_set_goldilocks_minus2 1
11:15, 12 September 2019 Zfs-repo.png (file) 355 KB Khtang   1
14:57, 10 September 2019 Switch-menu.png (file) 73 KB Khtang   1
16:17, 9 September 2019 Upload.png (file) 68 KB Khtang   1
15:29, 9 September 2019 Upload wizard pipeline.png (file) 152 KB Khtang   1
10:28, 9 September 2019 Sdf catalog info.png (file) 90 KB Khtang   1
11:04, 30 August 2019 Showmount.png (file) 56 KB Khtang   1
11:03, 30 August 2019 Mounted.png (file) 227 KB Khtang   1
10:59, 30 August 2019 Puppet status.png (file) 180 KB Khtang   1
15:20, 25 February 2019 Variation AUC logAUC.png (file) 26 KB Yingyang   2
15:16, 25 February 2019 Fig compare methods.png (file) 48 KB Yingyang   2
16:55, 10 January 2019 DOCK Blaster step1b.png (file) 264 KB Khtang   1
16:54, 10 January 2019 DOCK Blaster step1a.png (file) 215 KB Khtang   1
15:47, 4 January 2019 ZINC12.png (file) 25 KB Khtang   1
14:46, 3 January 2019 SEA.jpg (file) 120 KB Khtang   1
12:28, 3 January 2019 Dud.jpg (file) 9 KB Khtang   1
12:16, 19 December 2018 Bowling 1218.jpg (file) 194 KB Khtang   1
12:08, 19 December 2018 Irwinlab.jpg (file) 152 KB Khtang   1
13:32, 17 December 2018 2018 12 coval1.png (file) 122 KB TBalius   4
13:36, 1 October 2018 Filter ligands image1.png (file) 66 KB Chasemwebb   2
19:50, 1 March 2018 Cas9 stable cell line.png (file) 76 KB Wendywilson CRISPR/Cas9 system used for genome engineering in molecular biology is composed of two components: sgRNA which is a combine of original trRNA and crRNA, and Cas9 endonuclease. By delivering Cas9 and sgRNA into a cell, Cas9 is targeted to a given locus ... 1
19:48, 1 March 2018 RcAAV Testing.png (file) 112 KB Wendywilson While AAV vectors are engineered to be replication defective, generation of replication-competent AAV (rcAAV) can still occur during vector manufacturing by means of recombination events within the producer cells. rcAAV may develop at any step during t... 1
19:47, 1 March 2018 Limiting dilution.png (file) 65 KB Wendywilson Limiting dilution analysis attempts to determine the frequency of cells having a particular function that are present in a mixed population of cells. So limiting dilution analysis is an easy-operated method that used to measure the abundance of cells a... 1
19:46, 1 March 2018 Lentivirus transduction.png (file) 191 KB Wendywilson How can lentiviral vectors be used to make stable cell lines? Many lentiviral vectors insert some selectable markers, such as the puromycin resistance gene, conferring resistance to antibiotics. If these antibiotics are added to the growth medium, they... 1
19:45, 1 March 2018 Custom Virus.png (file) 34 KB Wendywilson There are several viral gene delivery systems, including adenovirus, retrovirus and lentivirus. Which one should I use for my experiments? 1) Retrovirus: requires active cell division. In addition, there is a significant risk of integration into the h... 1
19:43, 1 March 2018 Synthesize gene.png (file) 113 KB Wendywilson What is the difference between a long oligo and a synthetic gene? Answer: Due to limitations in oligo synthesis chemistry and other practical considerations, oligos are produced as mixture of single-stranded DNA strands and are limited in length to ~20... 1
19:42, 1 March 2018 Gene service.png (file) 293 KB Wendywilson How do you deliver synthetic genes? Answer: Creative Biogene will deliver 5.0ug plasmid DNA containing gene of interest in the vector and its bacterial stock. 1
19:41, 1 March 2018 3 UTR Cloning.png (file) 65 KB Wendywilson Creative Biogene has developed an advanced vector-based miRNA expression plasmids, which can help to ease the difficulty in your research. These purified and ready to transfect miRNA expression plasmids can be used for a variety of applications to down... 1
22:51, 30 January 2018 Nucleoside Nucleotide.png (file) 213 KB Henrrymo Nucleic acids are organic polymeric macromolecules composed of nucleotide monomers building blocks. A nucleotide is made of nucleobase, a five-carbon sugar and 1-3 phosphate groups. Though the nucleotide normally refers nucleoside monophosphate, now nu... 1
22:50, 30 January 2018 Amino acid analysis service.png (file) 90 KB Henrrymo Hydrolysis is typically achieved under acid conditions. A standard procedure is hydrolysis with 6 M hydrochloric acid (24 hours, 110°C). Fragile amino acids, especially tryptophan and cysteine, will be partially destroyed. And then hydrolyzed samples ... 1
22:48, 30 January 2018 Sphingolipid Metabolism.png (file) 212 KB Henrrymo Cardiolipin (CL) is made up of two phosphatidyl moieties linked by a glycerol bridge. It is a tetra-acylated glycerophospholipid playing a crucial role in in both prokaryotic and eukaryotic cells. It is located at membranes associated with the producti... 1
22:48, 30 January 2018 Glycerophospholipids Analysis.png (file) 52 KB Henrrymo Glycerophospholipids are glycerol-based phospholipids. They are the main component of biological membranes. Glycerophospholipids present a significant challenge in high level of accuracy in lipid quantitation, given the headgroup diversity, large numbe... 1
22:45, 30 January 2018 Gene Editing Kits.png (file) 187 KB Henrrymo CRISPR (Clustered Regulatory Interspaced Short Palindromic Repeats)/Cas9 systems is a newly developed yet the most popular method for genome editing. Besides the basic employment of gene knock-out, CRISPR/Cas9 system can be applied to selective gene ac... 1
22:32, 30 January 2018 Tn5 transposase sequence.png (file) 95 KB Henrrymo Robust Tn5 Transposase is a hyperactive form of Tn5 transposase. This enzyme can be used to randomly insert Tn5 transposon into target DNA. Robust Tn5 Transposase recognizes inside end sequences, outside end sequences and mosaic end sequences of Tn5 tr... 1
22:30, 30 January 2018 Cell lines knock out.png (file) 111 KB Henrrymo CRISPR/Cas9 system consists of a “guide” RNA (gRNA) and a bacterial CRISPR-associated endonuclease (Cas9). The gRNA is a short synthetic RNA composed of a Cas9-binding “scaffold” sequence and ∼20 nucleotide “targeting” sequence that defin... 1
22:29, 30 January 2018 Nuclear receptor screening.png (file) 266 KB Henrrymo Nuclear receptors (NRs) are a class of proteins responsible for sensing steroid and thyroid hormones and certain other molecules. There are 48 genes in the human genome that code for the NRs. The myriad molecular pathways modulated by NRs including but... 1
22:26, 30 January 2018 BAC Library.png (file) 85 KB Henrrymo Bacterial Artificial Chromosome (BAC) acts as a vector to artificially carry DNA into the cell of a bacterium, such as Escherichia coli, to make a BAC clone. In general, BAC clones can carry inserts of DNA up to 200,000 base pairs long. Recently, BAC i... 1
21:47, 1 January 2018 Acyl CoAs.png (file) 162 KB Henrrymo [ Acyl-CoAs] only exist inside the cells and their profiling inside the cells can give you some clues of the local metabolic status. Since each organ exerts its specific functio... 1
21:46, 1 January 2018 Sphingomyelin Profiling.png (file) 147 KB Henrrymo [ Sphingomyelin profiling] service provides data on all individual molecular species. We recommend these profiling scans at the semi-quantitative level, which allows direct... 1
21:44, 1 January 2018 Post translational modification glycosylation.png (file) 92 KB Henrrymo [ Post translational modification glycosylation] is critical for a wide range of biological processes, including the attachment of cell to the extracellular matrix and in... 1
21:42, 1 January 2018 Stabe isotope protein standard.png (file) 253 KB Henrrymo [ Stable isotope protein standard] based on alphabetical. 1
20:26, 1 January 2018 Ion Channel Function.png (file) 275 KB Wendywilson Manual patch clamp is considered the ‘gold standard’ for assessing [ ion channel function]. It measures biophysical and... 1
20:23, 1 January 2018 Synthesis gene.png (file) 109 KB Wendywilson Artificial [ gene synthesis], sometimes known as DNA printing is a method in synthetic biology that is used to create artificial genes in the laboratory. 1

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