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We define 8 levels of questions in ZINC 15 based on how easily they can be answered, arranged in increasing order of difficulty for non-specialists. When ZINC 15 is released, we will measure progress by promoting questions to lower (easier) levels.

Level 1 - Webpage only

Can be answered by browsing to [zinc15.docking.org zinc15.docking.org] and clicking the mouse and/or typing into web page fields. No editing of the URL is necessary. Free and public, no special access required. Many, many questions are level 1 questions.

Level 2 - URL editing

Requires editing the URL by hand. Most level 2 questions will become level 1 when we improve the interface. Free and public, no special access is required.

Level 3 - iPython Notebook

Requires the use of an iPython notebook, but with no privileged access to ZINC and two or more lines of code.

The remaining levels require privileged access not available to the general public.

Level 4 - Privileged iPython Notebook

Requires the use of an iPython notebook with privileged access to our servers, and thus are really only open to group members. It is our goal to promote as many answers as possible to level 3, 2, or 1, but occasionally, privileged access is necessary. Of course, these may also be scripted directly in python and run on the command line.

Level 5 - ZINC Shell

Questions that can be answered in the ZINC shell but not in python.

Level 6 - SQL

Questions that can be answered in SQL but not in the ZINC shell.

Level 7 - Python

Questions that can be answered only by scripting SQL directly in python, or by otherwise combining the results of multiple SQL queries.

Level 8 - Not currently possible

Questions that cannot be answered with ZINC.

Questions and answers on this wiki using the category ZINC15:LevelN where N is 1 to 8.

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