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ZINC15 supports applications (apps). Here are the currently supported apps.

Image rendering


the only format fmt currently supported is png smiles must be urlencoded

chemical reactions

We have a tool to do chemical reactions. This space is reserved for that app.

Format conversion



  • input is the input molecule, in any of the <fmt> formats below
  • fmt is one of the following formats
  • coords is optional, and can be 1D (default), 2D or 3D

The program (RDKit) tries to automatically recognize the format of the input.

Formats supported

pdb, sdf, smi (smiles), smarts, ctab (SDF), mol (SDF), inchi, inchikey, binary (raw rdkit representation)

Not currently supported formats include

  • mol2
  • zincid
  • molecule name in English

in progress

We plan to put other apps here.

  • tanimoto/dice N x M
  • sea
  • decoys