Worldwide ZINC

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We want to foster a community of sites around the world that use our software. We would like to loosely affiliate these sites so that resources can be pooled, and improvements made at one site can be easily propagated to other sites. For this, we have started using git and github as a revision control and software distribution platform.

Sites / Clusters

Levels of affiliation

Coordination, affiliation and federation among nodes on the worldwide ZINC network are optional, and may operate at several levels

Make public cycles available

Each member of the worldwide ZINC network is asked to make a public DOCK Blaster server available, and to allow public jobs to be run.

Forked development code branches

Members and potential members of the worldwide ZINC network should participate in code and script development. Use github to fork a branch. Changes made at your site should be committed for potential re-integration into the trunk, the germ-line version of the code.

Integration of DOCK Blaster job queues

When submitting a docking job to a node on the worldwide ZINC network, the user may select a different cluster in order to get the job processed faster.

Integration of ZINC number

If you choose to host a mirror site of ZINC, we ask that you participate in the incremental updates of ZINC, and use a common numbering scheme. If you would like to participate at this level, please write us.