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* [[Tutorials]]
* [[Tutorials]]
* [[Reimbursement Instructions]]
* [[Reimbursement Instructions]]
* [[Lab Security Policy]]
= Cluster access =  
= Cluster access =  

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Welcome to the lab! This page is designed for new group members, our collaborators and anyone else who wishes to access our cluster via ssh. If you are not a member of the lab, please see Welcome web user.


Cluster access

Group members have access to several cluster. Each one is separate.

Cluster ID Description How to get started
Cluster 0 Legacy UCSF cluster Therese
Cluster 1 Toronto Cluster Therese
Apply for SciNet Account ExampleR3C2 ExampleR3C3
Cluster 2 new UCSF cluster not ready yet.
UCSF Shared Cluster if you need it Teague

Access from home

Good habits

Set aside a quiet hour once a month to review your disk usage, and compress, delete or move excessive usage. There are disk quotas and we do monitor them. We will make additional space available for needed lab work, but we need your cooperation to keep the signal to noise ratio high.

Synchrotron trips

We can help arrange to store your data in a safe place. Ask before you leave.

Third party software and databases

Some of the third party software that we maintain includes:


Some software must be updated or at least attended to annually due to license expiry. Otherwise, we generally update software on an as-needed basis. If you want something updated, ask us and give us some time. Even better, if you can take the lead, it will get done faster almost for sure.

When you leave the lab

Please discuss with John one month before you leave the lab to agree on which of your files will remain, and where they will live. We can provide you with portable disks so you can take software and data with you, if you like. If you want to take the lab software with you, we can help with that too.


Brenda is at /raid5/backonce/joha/DB3/5_BRENDA2SDF/ORG_BRENDA_MOL_FILES_PREP/brenda_031306.ism
mysql is at mysql -u joha -p*secret* -h (brenda-machine-name-ask-jji) brenda
wombat is at ~jerome/sets/wombat/wombat_20062/wombat.20062.sdf.gz