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Simple steps to solve “Segmentation Fault (core dumped)” or “CondaEnvException: Pip Failed”

If you have .yml file and when you get above error messages during your condo environment creation process with .yml file, you need to check if there are packages that incompatible with other packages or current condo environment.

1. In order to find that package that making the error massages you need to split into smaller chunks and install one by one. If you got the same error in your chosen chunk of packages, you need to split into smaller chunks again until you find the bad packages (like a binary search).

2. Another approach is to delete basic package versions. If you want to install specific version of packages, keep their versions and delete other packages versions from the yml file. For example: You may need exact version of RDKit, Openeye. Keep their package version. And then create environment with your yml file. That will avoid installing incompatible or oil version of packages.