Remote Procedure Calls

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"Remote Procedure Calls" (RPC) means different things to different people. Here, combined with XML, it refers to methods of driving services on one computer from another. We use the Python XML RPC libraries to support both Perl and Python clients. We offer a range of services at it is our goal to support RPC calls for every service available on our websites, although that still seems a long way off.

RPC calls have not caught on as well as one might have expected, somewhat due to the lack of standards in the field.

Entrez, including PubChem and PubMed, offer <a href="">E-utils</A>.

Google also offers an extensive suite of <a href="">APIs</A>.

ZINC, DOCK Blaster, and DUDE offer a variety of XML RPC remote procedure calls. They work, we have just not gotten around to documenting them. Ask us if you are interested. Also check the ZINC api page.