Parameter Parser

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In Interactive Mode, dock will dynamically ask the user to enter the appropriate user parameters. The generic format for the questions is:

parameter_name [default value] (legal values):

The parameter parser requires that the values entered for a parameter exactly match one of the legal values. For example:

Example A: program_location [Hello_World!] ():
Example B: #_red_balloons [99] ():
Example C: glass_status [half_full] (half_full half_empty):

In Example A, the parameter "program_location" can be assigned any string value, and in Example B, the parameter "#_red_balloons" can be assigned any integer value. However, in Example C, the parameter value "glass_status" can only be assigned the strings "half_full" or "half_empty". If no parameter are assigned by the user, the default value--in brackets--will be used.

In Batch Mode, all parameters in the file, must be:

parameter_name value 

Note that the parameter_name and corresponding value need to be separated by white space or a tab.