New it team members

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This is a list of things for new IT team members to learn

  • Get set up with access, tunnel, email, switchy omega, passwords
  • learn about the cluster and its organization
  • Do the infamous tutorial
  • update Irwin Lab website
  • update BKS lab website
  • update Excipients website, database
  • update transportal
  • update SEA
  • update UploadWizard
  • (anything else missing in here, Khanh?)
  • work on and update TLDR
  • work on and update Cartblanche
  • work on and update ZINC15
  • work on and update ZINC21
  • work on and update TIN

  • ok, you now know what we have and where things live. And you will be able to help us when there is a problem.
  • Hardware (optional, if you are interested)
  • get access to BH101 and GH-N-108
  • learn network topology
  • learn cluster organization
  • learn SGE
  • learn about /nfs/soft/
  • learn about switches

  • learn about maintaining databases for Smallworld and Arthor