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A Natural Products Databse (NPD) of commercially available natural products and natural product derivatives is now available in ZINC. Go to and browse to the Meta-Subsets pull down of the Subsets menu.

NPD contains compounds from seven vendors that advertise their compounds as being of natural origin, either pure natural products, or chemical derivatives of natural products.

The "2008/5" version of the NPD contains almost 90,000 commercially available compounds.

The included vendors are:

  • ibs - InterBioScreen (42,827 cmpds)
  • mdpi - Molecular Diversity Preservation International (10,653 cmpds)
  • timtec - TimTec (3,554 cmpds)
  • ambint -AmbInter (47 cmpds)
  • indofine - Indofine (1,332 cmpds)
  • specs - Specs (354 cmpds)
  • acdisc - AnalytiCon Discovery (19,080 cmpds)

We thank these vendors for their participation and support of the Natural Products Database. We hope you find the NPD. useful.

If you are aware of other vendors of natural products and natural products derivatives, we would like to hear from you, so that we can improve the NPD.

-- John Irwin Cateogory:Free