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List of Websites

Website Machine:Port Run on Hosted in (httpd/conf.d) Working
Amis: https://amis.docking.org/ Files2 ( Yes
Arthor: https://arthor.docking.org/ n-1-136:8080 Tomcat Files2 ( Yes
BKSLab: http://www.bkslab.org/ gimel:5002 Supervisord Tau ( Yes
Blaster: https://blaster.docking.org/ Tau (, can not be moved to files2) Yes
Cartblanche: https://cartblanche.docking.org/ Files2 ( Yes
Covalent: http://covalent.docking.org/ Tau (, can not be moved to files2) Yes
DSF: https://dsf.docking.org/ Tau ( Yes
Duc: https://duc.docking.org/ Tau ( No
Dud: https://dud.docking.org/ Tau (, can not be moved to files2) showing wrong website
Dude18: http://dude18.docking.org/ Tau ( No
Dude: http://dude.docking.org/ Tau (, can not be moved to files2) Yes
Dudez: http://dudez.docking.org/ Tau ( Yes
Excipients: http://excipients.docking.org/ Files2 ( Yes
Gitlab: https://gitlab.docking.org/ Tau ( No
HG: https://hg.docking.org/ Tau ( showing wrong website
IrwinLab: http://irwinlab.compbio.ucsf.edu/ gimel:5004 Supervisord Tau ( Yes
Khanh: http://khanh.docking.org/ Tau ( Yes
Metabolite: http://metabolite.docking.org/ Tau (, can not be moved to files2) showing wrong website
Deepchemworkshop: http://deepchemworkshop.docking.org/ Tau ( Yes
Prices: http://prices.docking.org/ Tau ( No
Psicquic: http://psicquic.docking.org/ Tau ( Yes (broken???)
Reactor: http://reactor.docking.org/ Tau ( Yes
Transporters: http://transporters.ucsf.bkslab.org/ Tau ( Yes
Sea16: http://sea16.docking.org/ Files2 ( Yes
SEC: http://sec.docking.org/ Tau ( Yes
Smallworld Public: http://sw.docking.org/ abacus:5020 screen Files2 ( Yes
Smallworld Private: http://swp.docking.org/ abacus:8080 screen Files2 ( Yes
Smallworld Super Private: http://swc.docking.org/ abacus:5099 screen Files2 ( Yes
Stats: http://stats.docking.org/ Tau (, can not be moved to files2) No
Symp: http://symp.docking.org/ Tau ( No
TLDR http://tldr.docking.org/ gimel2:5000 Supervisord Tau ( Yes
Tool-Selector: http://tool-selector.ucsf.bkslab.org/ Tau ( Yes
Transportal: http://transportal.docking.org/ omega : port 8123 screen Tau ( Yes
Upload: http://upload.docking.org/ Tau ( Yes
Zinc12: http://zinc12.docking.org/ Tau (, can not be moved to files2) Yes
Zinc15: http://zinc.docking.org/ Files2 ( Yes
Zinc20: http://zinc20.docking.org/ Files2 ( Yes

Restart Instructions after UPS

For websites running on Screen

  • Become khtang on gimel
$ screen -ls
21546.SEA	(Detached)
23528.transportal	(Detached)
22877.conference	(Detached)
16132.upload	(Detached)
24786.oeb_lib_building	(Detached)
4796.ShopAppMol	(Detached)
19162.FASTROCS-server	(Detached)
$ screen -r <screen_id>


Become www on gimel2

$ cd /nfs/soft/www/apps/seadev/
On bash shell
$ source tools/anaconda2/bin/activate sea16
$ cd work/seaware/seaware-academic
$ make SEAserver-stop-devel
$ make all
$ make SEAserver-start-devel


$ cd  /mnt/nfs/soft/www/apps/transportal/src/transportal
$ source venv/bin/activate.csh
$ python manage.py runserver

For websites running on Supervisord

  • Become root on server the website runs on
$ supervisorctl status
$ supervisorctl restart <name>
$ supervisorctl restart bks-lab
$ supervisorctl restart tools18