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*Alina Arzamassky
*Alina Arzamassky
*Izzy Glenn (Not to speak before July 2022 per BKS)
*Izzy Glenn (Not to speak before July 2022 per BKS)
*Alex White
*Jiankun Lyu
*Jiankun Lyu
*Moira Rachman
*Moira Rachman

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Shoichet Lab Group Meeting Schedule

Google Calendarise the Shoichet Group Meeting schedule You can access the SGM schedule through your own Google calendar account by clicking here. For the unfortunate souls that do not have a Google account and those rebellious ones that do not care, an HTML version is available here.

GROUP MEETINGS ARE FRIDAYS AT 9:30-11:00 A.M. Pacific time in GH-S536A.

Starting January 2022, lab meeting will revert back to 9:30-11am (via ZOOM only in January; & via Zoom & BH-212 depending on BKS starting February. Marissa reserved BH-212 until June 10, 2022).

Marissa booked BH-212 from June 24-August 26 EXCEPT August 5 - there is a conflict so lab will use GH-S536A on August 5.

*LAB MTG: 9:30-11:00AM via Zoom & BH-212

  • 6/17/22: NO lab mtg (BKS at conference)
  • 6/24/22: NO lab mtg (BKS at mtg)

  • 7/1/22: Andrii Kyrylchuk
  • 7/8/22: Seth Vigneron
  • 7/15/22: Alina Arzamassky
  • 7/22/22: NO lab mtg (BKS out)
  • 7/29/22: NO lab mtg (BKS out)

  • Please mark you calendars when you will present.

Rotation Order

  • Tia Tummino
  • Stefan Gahbauer
  • Ian Knight
  • Elissa Fink
  • Aashish Manglik (can't present at 1:30pm; can only do 9:30am)
  • Fangyu Liu
  • Brian Shoichet
  • Shiming Peng
  • Matthew Smith
  • Andrii Kyrylchuk
  • Seth Vigneron
  • Alina Arzamassky
  • Izzy Glenn (Not to speak before July 2022 per BKS)
  • Jiankun Lyu
  • Moira Rachman
  • Chase Webb
  • Shuo Gu
  • John Irwin

  • Sijie Huang (Start Date: 6/28/22 = present ~September 2022) - check w/ Sijie
  • Joseph O'Connell (Start Date: 8/2/21)

  • Manglik lab members will present only when there's collaboration:
  • Ben Barsi-Rhyne
  • Christian Billesboelle
  • Allie Born
  • Bryan Faust
  • Julian Harris (6/5/20)
  • Simone Harrison
  • Nick Hoppe
  • Yue Wan

  • Copy:
  • yall-bkslab@googlegroups.com
  • Aashish Manglik, Manglik lab members (only if they're presenting-collaboration)
  • RS/guests if presenting

  • DISI, Cal, Zoom, Email

Holidays (NO lab meeting):

  • Cesar Chavez
  • Veteran's Day

There's lab mtg:

  • SOP Commencement (unless BKS needs to attend)

Food Pick-up Rotation

  • 06/28/2019: Xiaobo

  • 07/12/2019: JK

Room Bookings

  • GH S536A is booked by Yvonne until ... no end date - booked w/ Alma Agorilla.