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This page describes how to use github, which is our version control system.

Getting Started

  • Request an account on github. You can request a free one.
  • write to the sysadmins asking to have access to our repositories (see below for a list).

Getting a fresh copy of a repository and starting to use it

Comitting your first change

Best practices for the lab

When and how to branch / merge

When and how to create a new repository

Merging legacy code into github


Lab repositories

  • docking-org/DOCK - DOCK 3 series software, currently DOCK 3.7
  • docking-org/ZINC - ZINC database creation, curation, management and interface
  • docking-org/INTERNAL - tools not part of released packages
  • docking-org/TOOLS - publicly released tools not specific to ZINC or DOCK

Friends of the lab's repositories

  • rdkit/rdkit - The official sources for the RDKit library
  • ryancoleman/analysis-scripts - Some simple scripts for analyzing lists of data, both paired & unpaired.
  • madgpap/chembl_clippy - cross platform molecular structure rendering app
  • metamolecular/osra - Optical structure recognition software, OSRA source from