FastROCS Server

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FastROCS server is setup to be running continuously in the background (maybe on a screen). The database is required to be in oeb format as one single file. For more information, click here

Preparing the database

For small databases

$ <smiles_file> <output_name>.oeb //this script do not have option to limit how many conformers generate

Building FastROCS database for ZINC

  • Converting smiles to oeb files
$ python ~khtang/code/ /nfs/export/2D //this can be run in parallel
***This will take more than 2 weeks to buil for 1.5B+ molecules.
  • Concatenate all oeb files
$ cat d.*/*.oeb > /some/dir/database.oeb
  • Preparing the database will help with the loading time and reduce the numbers of conformers (if needed). Read more
$ <database.oeb> <prepped_database.oeb> [max_confs]

Running server

In a screen

$ prepped_database.oeb [portnumber]// this command would load database into the memory and client would listen to it in port 8080 by default.