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DOCK Blaster FAQ

Q1. What is DOCK Blaster?

Q2. How do I use DOCK Blaster?

Q3. How much does DOCK Blaster cost to use?

Q4. I'm having trouble using DOCK Blaster

Q5. Can I trust DOCK Blaster?

Q6. I think DOCK Blaster has crashed on my job

Q7. I have privacy concerns about my data

Q8. DOCK Blaster is reporting a problem that I don't think is real/legitimate

Q9. DOCK Blaster made completely wrong suggestions for my target

Q10. Is there any evidence that DOCK Blaster works?

Q11. Why are you guys doing this, I mean, DOCK Blaster?

Q12. Can I get my own private copy of DOCK Blaster?

Q13. Does DOCK Blaster work better on some targets than on others?

Q14. How long does DOCK Blaster take?

Q15. What do DOCK Blaster results mean?

Q16. Can I used DOCK Blaster with a different docking program?

Q17. Can I used DOCK Blaster with a different database of small molecules?

Q99. I have a question that isn't listed here...