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DOCK Blaster is a program that does automatic docking.

The first version of DOCK Blaster appeared in 2009. Please see Category:DOCK_Blaster

A re-write of the idea of DOCK Blaster,, was part of the DOCK 3.7 release in 2012.

In 2022 there were major developments. First, we reorganized the DOCK repo into three repos:

  • dock3 - the fortran source code and not much else
  • pydock3 - all the scripts to run docking except for 3d ligand building
  • ligdock3 - 3d ligand building pipeline

There is also

  • cheminftools - various tools.

DOCK is distributed via the dock license server where it is licensed for free to academics and for a small fee to companies.

The name of all the software together is "UCSF DOCK" and the current version is, so "UCSF DOCK"

The automatic pipeline to run docking is "dockopt", which is part of pydock3

The website that allows free public preparation of receptors for docking is called "dockopt".