Chembl processing protocol

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This is intended for internal use for the BKS lab members.

Everytime a new Chembl comes out we need to process it.

  • Exstact the following information from MYSQL into files and bins.

The "scripts/" is a shell script that calls information that has been loaded in to the MySQL data base on SGEHEAD of the BKSLB cluster.

 syntax: chembl_db_name [F|B|A]
 chembl_db_name  chemble databas file, for example chembl14 is release 
 F -- Functional Data: for example, cell assays to efficacy ( life span of a mouse). 
 B -- Binding Datd:  ki, kd, 
 A -- Affinity: ??

To do this run the following:

>> scripts/ chembl14 B