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From the AMSOL Web Site:

AMSOL is a semiempirical quantum chemistry program that includes the MINDO/3, MNDO, AM1, and PM3 gas-phase Hamiltonians, the CM1A, CM1P, CM2/AM1, CM2/PM3, CM3/AM1, and CM3/PM3 charge models for calculating partial atomic charges, the SM1 - SM5.42R solvation models for calculating free energies of solvation in water, the SM4 solvation model for calculating free energies of solvation in alkanes, and the SM5.42R, SM5.4, SM5.2R, and SM5.0R solvation models for calculating free energies of solvation in any organic solvent. Most of the solvation models are based on the AM1 and/or PM3 Hamiltonians; the SM5.2R model is also available with the MNDO Hamiltonian. AMSOL can also accept user-specified specific reaction parameters. All solvation models that are denoted with an "R" in their name are for rigid-solute calculations and were designed to utilize accurate gas-phase geometries to predict solvation free energies. For all other models, geometry optimization is possible in both the gas phase and solution. For SM5.4 models analytic derivatives are available for geometry optimization.

  • AMSOL is used by ZINC.


Go here: Install this on sgehead: ~]#

yum install compat-gcc-34-g77.x86_64

Fill in the license information.
Download the gzip file.
Unzip it.
Change into the directory and run the amsol.compile file.


If you're on a newer Linux machine and get errors compiling, then you may need to apply the following changes to new/amsol.f:

<       OPEN(19,NAME='fort.19')                                           BJL1003
<       OPEN(20,NAME='fort.20')                                           BJL1003
>       OPEN(19,file='fort.19')                                           BJL1003
>       OPEN(20,file='fort.20')                                           BJL1003

If you don't know what that means, then just find the file new/amsol.f and find lines 26 and 27 which should be

OPEN(19,NAME='fort.19')                                           BJL1003
OPEN(20,NAME='fort.20')                                           BJL1003

and replace that with

OPEN(19,file='fort.19')                                           BJL1003
OPEN(20,file='fort.20')                                           BJL1003


For using Amsol7.1 with dock3.7, we distribute a patch:


This patch resolve an issue with linear molecules.

Consider applying this patch and then recompile amsol7.1.

patch port/intcar.f ${DOCKBASE}/ligand/amsol/patches/amsol7.1_port_intcar.f.diff

Large Molecules

By default AMSOL limits the number of heavy atoms to 60 and the number of light atoms (i.e. hydrogens) to 60. To increase the limit, in include/SIZES.i edit the following line

        PARAMETER (MAXHEV=60, MAXLIT=60, NCHAIN=60, NRELAX=25)            DL0397

to, for example,

        PARAMETER (MAXHEV=80, MAXLIT=110, NCHAIN=60, NRELAX=25)           DL0397

and recompile by running make in the base directory