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Like ABC (Analog-by-catalog) this is ABBBR (Analog by Building Block Reactions or AB3R.

Instructions from Jose

code is at


The server can run on a screen, here are sample commands. Please submit absolute paths for input and output.

$ screen -s new_synthons-3000
$ source /nfs/soft2/anaconda3/bin/activate SynthI-env
$ python 3000 /mnt/nfs/exa/work/ak87/UCSF/SynthI/20220508-SynthI-ANALOGS/new_synthons.smi

The dictionary will load, then the screen can be detached.

For the client, these are the commands:

$ source /nfs/soft2/anaconda3/bin/activate SynthI-env $ python 3000 analog /mnt/nfs/exa/work/ak87/UCSF/SynthI/20220508-SynthI-ANALOGS/ligand.smi /nfs/home/jcastanon/output

The server command is formatted like so: python $PORT $SYNTHONFILEPATH

The client command: python $PORT $INPUT $OUTPATH

Most of the arguments are hardcoded in the server. Let me know if you run into any issues, just a quick prototype for now.