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The following columns may be specified as part of the general ZINC 15 URL syntax:

http[s]://host/resource[.format[:columns][/variant][?page-view-controls | resource-constraints]

The result contains the specified columns in the output. If the column is in the reference-table, it is specified without a table specfification, otherwise, the column specification must be of the form table.item.

The following items are supported in each of the tables.

table name Description Notes/Links
substances substance table notes about substance table
ecfp4s lala lala
catalogitems lala asdf
catalogs asdfasdf sdfsdfdaf
protomers qwer34 seradsf
genes sdfasfd sadfasdf
targets asdfasdf asdfasdf sa
activities sadfasfsd asdfasfd
organisms asdf asdf asdfasfd sadf