User Reported Problems

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This is a log of errors that users have informed us about. Date & time the error, who reported it, what machine it happened on. Update it when you attempt to resolve it. If it has been resolved, report what was done to address the issue and leave it here for a month. We'll make another page with problems that were resolved (soonish).

Current Problem List

08/03/2017 11:00 mag reported that n-1-113 seemed to indicate she had jobs running. Upon checking n-1-113, there was no active process with her name yet the SGE queue indicated she had an active job. This problem only seemed to happen on n-1-113 and n-1-105. We have rebuilt n-1-113 and n-1-105 to see if this will resolve the issue. Foreman/puppet did not indicate any errors with configuration drift. 8/29/2017 mag's history file keeps blowing up with strange content. When she deletes the .history file and logs back in to gimel, the same content will reappear. Investigate either gimel/dalet. Could be issue on where nfs-homes are or gimel.

    • SOLVED: this was due to a bug with tcsh. Updating tcsh helps.

9/12/2017 Yvonne's printer is repaired physically but network configuration needs to be set up properly. Having trouble doing that. Reported to UCSF IT INC3423618

    • SOLVED: UCSF IT fixed.