Psicquic channels

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Target-Target Channels (tt)

  • 1. Sea prediction (T-T) (swissprot to swissprot)
  • 2. blast similarity (Evalue)
  • 3. co-expression data from Matt (100 to 0 percentile rank)
  • 4. shared ligand, 1uM or better
  • 5. PPI (biogrid, experimental)

Target-Compound Channels (ct)

  • 1. Experimental binder, is bioactive and binds 1uM or better per chembl20 (chebi name to swissprot name)
  • 2. is a drug and binds target 10uM or better
  • 3. Is biogenic and binding 1uM or better
  • 4. is and endogenous metabolite for this target
  • 5. SEA prediction (TC, P-value) (chebi to swissprot)

= Compound-Compound Channels (cc)

  • 1. EBI compound (chebi) to ZINC (zincid)
  • 2. nearest metabolite, drug, biogenic, purchasable
  • NB not supported at our client, but we can still prepare for it

how to restart the server

  • become root on zeta
  • create screen and su to psicquic
  • cd psicquic-solr-ws-1.3.14 (or latest)
  • bash /home/psicquic/solr11 ( to start server)
  • optional: to rebuild data: bash /home/psicquic/channel2a.txt /home/psicquic/solr/