Protein-Protein Docking

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Scripts for using protein protein docking

fitatom.exe - A McLachlan's program bks 1996 maksph - jji code to make focusing spheres from main spheres for protein work

  access - toolbox originally from Tim Richmond for computing surface exposure
           compiled as SGI binaries - compute exposed residues as a basis for sampling by flex-prot.csh
  dcom - protein OUTDOCK analysis
  dcom_mut - dcom for mutants
  flex-prot.csh - generate base docking database from mol2 and exp60
  prot2hier -  called by flex-prot.csh - called by flex-prot.csh
  protein_c.sed - called by
  protein.spl - use from sybyl to make mol2 from pdb of protein
  scripts/ - flex-prot.spl & prot.table.dml - used by flex-prot.csh
  syb_isdone - called by flex-prot.csh - renumber atoms prior to 
  (ccp4:pdbset to remove H atoms for