More cool zinc15 tricks

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Here are questions you can ask. Ideally, work these into a tutorial of some kind:

Natural products = biogenic minus metabolites:,purchasability?~features-contains=202&count=all

A second way of asking the same question:,purchasability?features-contains=203&~features-contains=202&count=all

primary amines, building blocks, for sale,sub_id,purchasability?substance.structure:contains=[ND1][CX4]&

purchasable class-F gpcr ligands:,substance.sub_id,substance.purchasability?

SLC5A1 glucose cotransporter and in chembl20

Analogs of ZINC000003875408 that bind to SLC5A1:

Purchasable compounds for SLC5A1, ordered by decreasing similarity to ZINC000003875408

Upload a set of molecules, look them up in ZINC, output them if a) it is in ZINC, b) it matches the pattern

curl -F -F identifiers=true -F structures=true -F multiple=true -F names=true -F output_format=smi > test.smi
(curl -X POST -u user:pass -H "Content-Type: multipart/form-data" -F upload=@test2.smi -F identifiers=true -F structures=true -F charges=true -F scaffolds=true -F multiple=true \
"" -F output_format=smi -F output_fields=smiles,zinc_id -F 'structure-contains=n1ccccc1' -F suppliers=)

Then, look up the targets of these compound:

wget --user xxx--password xxx -o log -O final.txt "" -F zinc_id-in=@abc.txt -F count=all