GPCR Waiver Wire

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When new projects come into the lab, the person on the top of the order gets first choice to either take or pass the project. The project will be moved down the order until it is claimed. Once a person claims a project, they will be moved to the bottom of the order. This process ideally ensures a fair process for determining who gets new projects and allows those that don't speak up as much to have a fair chance of getting a new, great project. Passing on a project will not effect the position in the order since not all projects are suitable for all persons.

Brian reserves the right to change the order at any time for any reason, e.g. passing on too many projects, new member in lab getting bumped up, etc...

Updated guidelines:

a. People get first refusal for projects in the order they are listed. If they choose and are placed on a project they go to the bottom of the list.

b. Occasionally projects will come along where Brian feels someone has particular expertise or history. Brian reserves the right to over-rule the waiver list order in these circumstances.

c. On the GPCR projects teams have worked out very well. There must be a more senior partner and a more junior partner in these collaborations, if only because there is only one first co-first author. To encourage collaboration, anyone who volunteers to be the more junior partner in a project will not lose their place on the waiver list. Please discuss with the senior partner first to ensure compatibility.

Project waiver order:

  • Chase Webb
  • Elissa Fink
  • Tia Tummino
  • Isha Singh
  • Shuo Gu
  • Jiankun Lyu
  • Shiming Peng
  • Fangyu Liu
  • Matt Smith
  • Brian Bender
  • Stefan Gahbauer
  • Seth Vigneron
  • Alina Arzamassky
  • Alex White