Editing VMs with virsh

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To increase the memory size of a vm:

Power off the vm then (say to increase the memory on chi to 2GB):

virsh setmaxmem chi 2G --config
virsh setmem chi 2G --config
virsh start chi

View current virtual NICs of VM:

virsh domiflist <domain>
-sh-4.1$ sudo virsh domiflist ldap-test-serv
 Interface  Type       Source     Model       MAC
 vnet0      bridge     br0        virtio      52:54:00:cd:3f:15

Use brctl show to view bridges you can connect your VM NIC to. Example:

-sh-4.1$ sudo brctl show
bridge name	bridge id		STP enabled	interfaces
br0		8000.001e0bc689d6	no		eth0
br1		8000.001e0bc689d7	no		eth1
virbr0		8000.5254001021b8	yes		virbr0-nic

Add a virtual NIC to a VM:

virsh attach-interface --domain <domain_name> --type bridge_id --source <source_device> --model virtio --mac <random_mac_address> --config --live
ex: [root@vav networks]# virsh attach-interface --domain chronos --type bridge --source br1 --model virtio --mac 52:54:00:ab:cc:09 --config --live
--config affects next startup of domain
--live affects a running domain