Creating clinical name mappings

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This is part of the curation of clinical trial data.

Day One

create temp table subname as select sub_id_fk as sub_id_fk, who_name as name from catalog_item join catalog on (cat_id_fk=cat_id and short_name='chembl20') join chembl20.molecule_dictionary as md on supplier_code=md.chembl_id join chembl20.molecule_atc_classification as mac on md.molregno=mac.molregno join chembl20.atc_classification as ac on mac.level5=ac.level5;

insert into subname select cs.sub_id_fk, sy.synonym from catalog_substance as cs join synonym as s on cs.cat_content_fk = s.cat_content_fk where not exists (select 1 from subname as sn where sn.sub_id_fk = cs.sub_id_fk and = sy.synonym);

alter table subname add column q tsquery;

update table subname as s set q=plainto_tsquery(t.who_name) from subname as t where s.sub_id_fk=t.sub_id_fk and s.who_name=t.who_name;

\copy ctinter from druginfo.txt

alter table  ctinter add column terms tsvector;

update ctinter as x set terms = to_tsvector('english', from ctinter as y where;

create index subanme_idx on subname using gist(q);
create index ctinter_idx on ctinter using gin(terms);

vacuum analyze verbose ctinter;
vacuum analyze verbose subname;

select * from ctinter join subname on terms@@q where sub_id_fk=53;
select * from subname join ctinter on q @@ terms where to_tsvector('english', 'biotin') @@ q ;

Day Two

Keeping track of a bit more here:

(Assuming ctstatus is already loaded)

create temporary table cttemp (nct varchar, title varchar, start_date varchar, phase varchar, status varchar);

\copy cttemp from /nfs/work/teague/Projects/trials/extracted/trials.txt

update cttemp set start_date = null where start_date='';

insert into ct2 (ct_code, description, start_date, ctphase_fk, ctstatus_fk) select nct, title, start_date::date, ctphase_id, ctstatus_id from cttemp join ctphase on join ctstatus on;

create temporary table ct2inttemp (code varchar, kind varchar, name varchar, description varchar);

\copy ctinttemp from /nfs/work/teague/Projects/trials/extracted/trial_drugs.txt

insert into clinical1.ct2int  (ct2_fk, name) select ct2_id, name from ctinttemp join clinical1.ct2 on code=ct_code;

create index ix_ct2int_name on clinical1.ct2int (name);
create index ix_ct2int_ct2_fk on clinical1.ct2int (ct2_fk);

alter table ctinttemp add column terms tsvector;
update ctinttemp set terms=to_tsvector('english', name); 

create index ix_ct2inttemp_terms on ctinttemp using gin (terms);

vacuum analyze verbose ct2inttemp;

select sub_id_fk, ct.ct2int_id, as intname, as subname into temp table ctsubinttemp from subname join ct2inttemp as ctemp on ctemp.terms @@ subname.query join (select ct_code as code, as name, ct2int_id from ct2 join ct2int on ct2_fk=ct2_id) as ct on ( and ct.code=ctemp.code) where ctemp.kind in ('Drug', 'Nutritional Suppliement');

-- insert into clinical1.ct2subint (sub_id_fk, ct2int_fk) select distinct sub_id_fk, ct2int_id from ctinttemp as ct join clinical1.ct2 on ct.code=ct_code join clinical1.ct2int on ct2_id=ct2_fk and join subname on ct.terms@@subname.query;

-- insert into clinical1.ct2subint (sub_id_fk, ct2int_fk) select distinct sub_id_fk, ct2int_id from ctinttemp as ct join clinical1.ct2 on ct.code=ct_code join clinical1.ct2int as cti on ct2_id=cti.ct2_fk and join subname on ct.terms@@subname.query where not exists(select 1 from clinical1.ct2subint as e where e.sub_id_fk=subname.sub_id_fk and e.ct2int_fk=cti.ct2int_id);

Day Three

create temporary table ctcondtmp (code varchar, name varchar, slug varchar);

\copy ctcondtemp from /nfs/work/teague/Projects/trials/extracted/trial_conditions.txt

insert into clinical1.ct2condition (short_name, name) select distinct on (slug) slug, name from ctcondtemp order by slug, name;

insert into clinical1.ct2tocond (ct2_fk, ct2condition_fk) select ct2_id, ct2condition_id from ctcondtemp join clinical1.ct2 on code=ct_code join clinical1.ct2condition on slug=short_name;

alter table ctcondtemp add column terms tsvector;
update ctcondtemp set terms=to_tsvector('english', name);
create index ix_ctcondtemp_terms on ctcondtemp using gist(terms);
vacuum analyze verbose ctcondtemp;

insert into clinical1.ct2condclass (name, description) values ('cancer', 'All classes of cancer') returning ct2condclass_id;

# returns 1

update clinical1.ct2condition set condclass_fk=1 where ct2condition_id in (select ct2condition_id from ctcondtemp join clinical1.ct2condition on slug=short_name where terms @@ to_tsquery('cancer | neoplasm | oncology | leukemia | melanoma | carcinoma '));