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Identify a UID

Check if a uid that is not taken by any other users. Start from 150**

On CentOS 6
$ getent passwd | grep 150**
On CentOS 7
$ id 150**

Create users and superuser on the LDAP GUI:

To create a visitor:

Click OU=Visitors
Click Create new entry here
Select Generic: User Account
Fill in appropriate sections
** John might want future home directory in /nfs/ex9/work
-password should be encrypted with sha512
-group should be visitors
Keep the uid LDAP suggested and edit in the one you picked later.

Create User's Home Directory

Log in as root on mem

$ sh /nfs/home/ <user_name>

Or on ex9 (qof)

$ mkdir /export/ex9/work/<username>

Generate ssh for login

Create ssh key

In the user's home directory's personal computer:

$ ssh keygen

Add user's public key to Portal

$ ssh
$ sudo -i
$ cd /opt/keys/user
$ vim <username>
Copy the content into the file

Add user into Portal

On LDAP Admin

Choose  dc=bkslab,dc=org (17) > Group > Portal
Enter <username> in Add Value

Add s_ user in alpha

Since Alpha was created before ldap admin system, new user must be created individually on this machine.

Add the s_ user in

vim /etc/passwd 
vim /etc/group 

Change password

passwd s_<user>