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Welcome to the BKSLAB server. We offer the following:


  • 1. Public websites: ZINC, DOCK Blaster, SEA, DUD/DUDE, Advisor. BKSLAB home page.
  • 2. Software to download: DOCK and docking tools.
  • 3. Information on this wiki

Maintenance and Outages

Our servers are up all the time with rare exceptions. If we must perform maintence, we will communicate this in advance via our blog http://docking.org and our twitter feed (@chem4biology). If there is an unscheduled outage, we will do our best to communicate this via twitter and the blog as soon as possible.

If our servers appear down or broken and we have not communicated this, we would be grateful to be told via support at docking.org or +1 415 514 4127.


Since this is a worldwide public service, we cannot offer robust support. However if you have a problem or a question, we always like to hear about it. Please write on our blog http://docking.org or our facebook page http://facebook.com/zincdb where we or a member of the community will answer if we can.

Privacy and Security

We aim to keep confidential information such as passwords secure, but we offer no guarantees. You must use our services at your own risk.

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