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Welcome to the lab. This page is designed for new group members, our collaborators and anyone else who wishes to access our cluster via ssh.

Obtaining credentials

Please contact Teague, Therese or John for credentials.

Disk usage conventions

We differential dockers from everyone else. If you are a full time member of the group, your disk space allocation will be like this:

Your home directory is for important or small files. 500 GB default. Backed up.


We expect you to run docking calculations in /project/. 1TB default. Not backed up.


If you have large amounts of data you want kept, e.g. from the synchrotron, you may request repository space to keep it. Backed up. Size by agreement.


If you generate private databases, you may request /db/ space. Backup by arrangement. Size by agreement.


If you have software you want to share, you may request /software/ space. backed up. 500 GB.


Getting set up with lab software

svn co dockenv
cp $SOFT/labenv.csh ~/.csh 


cp $SOFT/labenv.sh ~/.bashrc

for bash users.

Good habits

Set aside a quiet time every month to review your disk usage, and compress, delete or move excessive usage.

Synchrotron trips

We can help arrange to store your data. Ask before you leave.

When you leave the lab

Please discuss with Teague or Therese or John one month before you leave the lab to agree on which of your files will remain. We can also help you take some software and data with you, if you like.

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