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Usama Ramadan Abdelmohsen, Asscoiate Professor, Faculty of Pharmacy, Minia University, Egypt 100 publications in marine and microbial natural products. I am interested in Metabolomics, Actinomycetes, sponges, plants natural products with different biological activities. around 78 compounds were isolated though chromatographic techniques.

Microorganisms are leading sources of novel compounds that have been used in the pharmaceutical industries since their inception. The class Actinobacteria contains the most economically significant bacteria, capable of synthesizing secondary metabolites with diverse complex structures with various bioactivities. The main focus of my research is to identify novel anti-infective natural products from actinomycetes associated to sponges collected from different marine locations. I have identified a large collection of actinomycete strains including putatively novel ones that have been isolated from marine sponges collected from offshore Ras Mohamed (Egypt), Rovinj (Croatia) and Fsar Reef (Saudi Arabia). The isolates were screened for anti-infective activity against panel of clinically relevant, Gram-positive and Gram-negative bacteria, fungi, human parasites, Chlamydia, West Nile Virus as well as several cysteine proteases. Bioassay-guided fractionation is then performed to isolate, purify and determine the structures of the active compounds using various spectroscopic techniques. The purification and characterization of the bioactive substances from taxonomically novel and bioactive isolates will be the way to develop novel pharmaceutical leads against infections. New genomics and metabolomics tools are also applied to discover new lead compounds. https://www.researchgate.net/profile/Usama_Abdelmohsen