Rsyncing zinc15

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A few examples below: This is how you set up a ZINC Mirror. I am looking at you Uppsala, Beijing, and Kiev.

  1. what is available?
rsync --list-only rsync://
  1. download 2D
rsync -L  -a --progress  --include="[ABCDEFG][A-G]*.smi" --exclude="[HIJK]*" rsync:// zinc
  1. download 3D
rsync -L  -a --progress  --include="[ABCDEFG][A-G]*.db2.gz" --exclude="[HIJK]*" rsync://  zinc
  1. Example (download 3D):

Let's say, you are in folder /ZINC15DB, which contains your 3D database (named as 3D), and you want to sync only *.db2.gz files from CA-tranche, then:

rsync -L  -a --progress --prune-empty-dirs --include="*/" --include="CA[ABCE][A-D][RM][LMNOP].*.db2.gz" --exclude="*" rsync:// 3D