Installing New Server in Cluster

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Hardware Installation

Linux Installation

Setup Puppet

Register Machine on Foreman

Create New Host on Foreman. It is a good to look at an another existing host for reference.

  1. Under Host: pick "Bare Metal", which represents physical server, on "Deploy on."
  2. Puppet Classes: choose sssd, sssd::config
  3. Interface: click "Edit"
    1. The private IP address listed is automatically assign to the host by Foreman. To make sure it is not taken, do nslookup on the ip address.
    2. Enter the MAC address (Fixed address of the machine) which can be found on machine's motherboard.
    3. Enter "eth0" for Identifier
    4. Uncheck Virtual NIC because the machine is a physical server
  4. Operating System
    1. Choose x84_64 for Architecture
    2. Change Operating system to the correct one installed on the machine
    3. Uncheck Build mode
    4. Enter the combination for Root Password
    5. Click Resolve in Provision Templates
  5. Parameters

Click "Override" on variant and enter "Cluster" in Value at the bottom

  1. Additional Information

Comment in "nfs-server"

Assigning Network Switches

1. Login to Cluster 0 as root


2. Login to switch-3-1 as admin (How do you know what switch and login info again???)

$[root@sgehead1 ~]# telnet switch-3-1 <- will prompt you to Switch's login console
login as admin....

3. Get Suitable Ports for Public and Private addresses The console on Switch is different from Linux. Cmd + ? or Ctrl + ? for the HELP menu

$ switch-3-1#  menu <- will take you to the Main Menu TELNET - MANAGER MODE

4. Choose Port Status and write down a list of untrunked ports(those without the -Trk in the name) with Status = Down for later user. Learn more

 Main Menu > Status and Counters > Port Status

5. VLAN Port Assignment

To view a list of all available VLAN Names: 
Main Menu > Switch Configuration > VLAN Menus > VLAN Names
 26_subnet -> public network
 BKS Cluster 2 -> private network
Assigning VLAN
Main Menu > Switch Configuration > VLAN Menus > VLAN Port Assignment

There are 2 ports to be assigned: 1 for public(26_subnet) and 1 for private(BKS Cluster 2). The trick is to choose the down port from the list you had from earlier with "Untagged" on VLAN with "No" on the rest. Make sure the port is Down completely by checking Main Menu > Status and Counters > Port Counters

You can edit the status with Edit at the bottom. Make sure that you don't have 2 "Untagged" on the same Port as the network can't tell which VLAN the connection coming from.

Mouznting machine to cluster

Log in as root on zayin

  • Install ZFS filesystem

Zfs is a software rated system. We like using zfs system over the other hardware rated system because if does read/write check on the file if it is okay. It used CPU memory and therefore not need to rewrite the entire thing when there is a hardware failure but the affected part. Learn more

$ wget<dist>.noarch.rpm 

Modify the zfs.repo

$ cd /etc/yum.repos.d/
$ cp zfs.repo zfs.repo.orig //Make a copy before modify
$ vim zfs.repo 
And change zfs from dkms to kmod because the later is easier to install:
  - first [zfs] with -dkms, Enable = 1 -> 0
  - second [zfs] with -kmod, Enable = 0 -> 1 
It should look something like this: