Fine Tranching with RDKit using Heavy Atom Count and LogP

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Written by Jennifer Young on April 14, 2020


These scripts perform fine tranching with RDKit to compute the heavy atom count and logP for each molecule and put it in a bucket of the form HxxPyyy for positive valued logp (i.e. 0 < logp) and HxxMyyy for negative valued logp (i.e. logp < 0). The scripts are located in


How to run

(If you are using our cluster) Source conda environment for RDKit

If you are using our cluster, there is already a conda environment with RDKit available and you just need to source it using the following command. You need to use bash.

   source /mnt/nfs/home/devtest/anaconda3/bin/activate my-rdkit-env

If you need to create a conda environment, follow the instructions at

Read the section : How to install RDKit with Conda. Once you do

   conda activate my-rdkit-env

You are ready to run the Python script.

Run Python script with the desired arguments

The smiles file and batch size are command line arguments. If you choose a batch size of 10,000, the output file will be written to after each batch of 10,000 molecules is processed. The input smiles file should have the following 2 columns

  • smiles
  • ID

See python script for reference

   python /nfs/home/jyoung/code/fine_tranche_hlogp_scripts/ <smiles_file> <batch_size>

The output file will be a file with the name <smiles_file>_hlogp and will have the following 3 columns

  • original smiles
  • original ID
  • HxxPyyy HxxMyyy

Sample Bash script for running on many smiles files

If your smiles file is large, split into chunks of 1 million (or whatever your desired size).

   split -l 1000000 <your_smiles>

Then run the following script which is reproduced below.


Change the x?? to the desired pattern and change the batch size to the desired value.

   #!/usr/bin/env bash
   for i in x??;
      source /mnt/nfs/home/devtest/anaconda3/bin/activate my-rdkit-env
      python /nfs/home/jyoung/code/fine_tranche_hlogp_scripts/ $i 10000