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Attendees & Time

  1. Oliv Eidam
  2. Sarah Boyce
  3. Rafaela Ferreira
  4. Gabe Rocklin
  5. Peter Kolb
  6. Pascal Wassam
  7. Hao Fan
  8. Matt Merski
  9. Yu Chen
  10. Denise Teotico
  11. Francesco Colizzi
  12. Michael Mysinger

Date: August 06, 2008, 4:00pm - 4:45pm

Next DUM on Sept 3, 2008

Hardware updates

Software updates


Database updates


Oliv reports how to obtain a VPN account for the UCSF network: get an account via [1] (students already have one (email account), others need to apply for one with their employee ID and SSN).
Peter speaks about docking on the QB3 cluster.

Action Items

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