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This page specifies how to install DOCK6 on Wendows OS.   
This page specifies how to install DOCK on Wendows OS.   

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This page specifies how to install DOCK on Wendows OS.

To install DOCK on cygwin, you need to be sure to add the "devel" tools. Use the Cygwin configuration utility, and click on "default" to the right of "devel" to make it say "install". Then proceed. There is a lot to install, but this will make sure you have make and other tools required by DOCK.

You are ready to go!

The installation section of the DOCK manual spesifies details on compiling DOCK, which might be helpful:

Installation section of Manual

The old version of DOCK, DOCK 5.4, was pre-compiled for Windows. However, it has many bugs which are fixed in DOCK 6, and were never fixed in the DOCK 5 series. If you are using DOCK 5.x, we strongly urge you to upgrade to DOCK 6 (free to academics, new reasonable prices for companies).