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This instructions are intended for Shoichet lab members. Getting a SciNet accont is a multistep process.

(1) Register with the Compute Canada Database (CCDB):

(1.1) go to the following page and click Register:

(1.2) Read and accept the Compute Canada Acceptable Use Policy.

(1.3) Then click on register again.

(1.3) select No for the question: 'Have you ever applied for a Compute Canada account before?'

(1.4) In your personal information.

  • for the Select-a-username feild, Use our UTORid.
  • Under the Sponsor feild, give John Irwin's Compute Canada Role Identifier (CCRI). ask him for his CCRI.
  • Under the Institution feild chose SciNet: University of Toronto
  • The perfere that you uses the instution e-mail address: [username]